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Barbara has been creating and collecting recipes since she was a young teen. She continues to write her foods column for the Wednesday edition of the Longview News-Journal’s Taste section which she began writing in 1970. 

Barbara's self-published cookbooks are a treasure trove of great tasting recipes that use a handful of ingredients and don’t require the skill of a master chef. 

Her most popular recipes over the years have been her mother’s Strawberry Pie and her own Beef Vegetable Soup.

There have been several occasions when Barbara was able to combine her profession in the music world with her hobby of cooking. She chaired the First Night Reception Committee, the party after the opening night of each production, of the Longview Community Theater for many years. This only became a "situation" if she happened to be performing in that particular show. 

In her many years of teaching, she somehow found songs that involved food. For example, she used a song called, "Snap, Crackle, Pop" to teach music notes and rests. When each class learned the song to perfection, Barbara made Rice Krispie treats for the class. Former students often tell Barbara (via Facebook or in person), that they remember a song or two during their time in her music class, but most of all, they remember the Rice Krispie Treats. 

Since retiring from teaching, you may find Barbara in her garden growing flowers and culinary herbs. Barbara regularly practices Tai Chi and enjoys volunteering with the Junior League of Longview. 

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